After completing my Fine Art degree in 2009 I found myself working more and more with wood. It was a natural move for me to start making furniture and I've never looked back. I've mixed my love of the sweeping curves found in retro Art Deco designs with my curiousity in modern materials. Add to this a keen eye for textures and precision and you get the well made, original designs shown on this website.

All my designs are made personally by me in my workshop in Bristol. I use precision tools and a CADCAM process involving rapid prototyping machinery such as laser cutters and CNC routers. Everything is made to a consistent and high standard.

I can take your space requirements and adjust my designs to fit your space with millimetre perfection, without any extra design cost to you!

Want to see a design to fit your space? More shelves or drawers? Just drop me an email and I'll get back to you with an image of the updated 3D model.

If you like my designs and want to see more then subcribe to me below and you'll get newsletters of my new designs as i make them.